Album Cover
This is What You Get: A 100% Improvised Album
Released: Sep 9, 2014
Track Listing
1 Doomsday
2 Baby New Year
3 Billy's Jam
4 Drum and Bass
5 Bass Brawls
6 Disco Isn't Dead
7 Double Jam
8 Journey
9 Cool Your Jets
10 In the Jungle
11 This is What You Get
12 Iron Dome
13 Outro

Liner Notes

Highlighting their powerful and profound ability to improvise, “This is What You Get” features the SOLARiS trio firing on all creative cylinders. Comprised of 100% unplanned improv, “TIWYG” is a great way to experience the live magic that SOLARiS can create spontaneously, while maintaining the quality of a studio LP.

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