Album Cover
Released: Nov 10, 2012
Track Listing
1 Breno's Introduction
2 Symmetriad
3 Breaking Black
4 Don't Touch Me (Pt. I)
5 Asymmetriad
6 Metamorph
7 Complete (Interlude)
8 Don't Touch Me (Pt. II)
9 The Electric Outro

Liner Notes

BLACK is the first concept EP from SOLARiS. The idea behind BLACK is simple: to combine the trio's raw, live improvisation with laborious studio wizardry. BLACK was created by taking recordings of live SOLARiS improv caught during private rehearsals and then transforming them into their own songs by adding everything from strings to keys to percussion. BLACK is a place where the improvised meets the constructed...or simply 30 minutes of music that we guarantee is unlike anything you've heard from SOLARiS before. 

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